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SP360 is the preferred software platform for DFCS Providers.

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Discover why SP360 is The Preferred Software Platform

SP360 is the only practice management software specifically designed for DFCS Providers.

Service Authorizations

Upload ARGO Service Authorizations directly into SP360. Easily view and manage Service Authorizations. SP360 automatically notifies you and DFCS Case Managers when units and/or service dates are expiring.

Case Management

Assign cases to staff with a single click. Easily manage staff progress in real time. Keep DFCS in the loop - Case Managers can access SP360 client notes in real time. Increased transparency with DFCS Case Managers equals more referrals.


Enter documentation from any mobile device or computer. Provider Supervisor can approve notes or request revisions. Approved notes are immediately visible to DFCS Case Managers.

DFCS Invoices

SP360 removes the tedious process of monthly invoices. Invoices are now a few clicks away and ready in minutes. Eliminate human error and maximize efficiency with automated invoicing. Submit invoices as early as the 2nd day of each month. Faster, accurate invoicing equals faster reimbursement.

Provider Payroll

Set specific pay rates for each staff member in their profile. SP360 gives you the freedom to pay staff hourly or flat rate. Automated payroll with two clicks - simply enter a start and end date. Staff can access itemized payroll reports in real time.


Ensure staff makes contact with clients within 48 hours. Reduce lost revenue by monitoring weekly contact with all open cases. Analyze profits by case, staff, and/or county. Consistently deliver high levels of performance and compliance with SP360’s reporting tools.